Petition for Nintendo to make a Kass Amiibo for Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild!

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Lets be honest, Nintendo has made some truly beautiful worlds in their games, and colorful and rich characters that inhabit them. So much so that when Nintendo created the Amiibo line of toys to life figures, demand was so great that they would be sold out at release, often to the fans' dismay. 

With each new Nintendo title comes more of these little figures, each one often being great additions to collectors and children alike. More recently, Nintendo released the newest Legend of Zelda; Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, to critical success and praise. With it came a great bunch of new Amiibo, from the Titular Link and Zelda, to even the most basic bokoblin. More recently another batch was added with the release of the games recent story line expansion, adding Link's former Allies to the roster. 

With all these great figures being made however, one cannot help but notice a few characters that were looked over from the game itself. One of these said characters is a Rito named Kass. A bard by trade and a roaming one at that, Link finds Kass throughout Hyrule in this grand story, often imparting the lore of the land in the area's he is found, giving both the player's and the recovering amnesiac Link more insight to the tragedy befallen land. 

Kass is a colorful, lively character with a great design, and can often be heard before he is seen, playing both familiar and new tunes alike with his accordion where ever he is found. As mentioned before, he imparts the lore of the areas he is in, usually wrapped in song and riddle. With this information Link can find new shrines to explore and treasures to plunder, adding just that bit more life to the game's world. 

I was honestly saddened that such a fun character and one that is featured rather prominently in the game did not receive his own Amiibo, and I feel he would make an excellent addition to the Amiibo line up. And I do not want to simply say this on my own behalf, as I do truly believe that Kass has a solid base of fans behind him to want to see him get his own figure, so I have created this petition to allow fans to show Nintendo their support for such an Amiibo to exist, and hope that given enough attention, that perhaps they will see fit to give this great character his own place on our shelves at home.