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Patch in non-motion controls in Super Mario Odyssey

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Super Mario Odyssey for the Nintendo Switch is a very ambitious game by Nintendo. While loved by many critics, it has been plagued with one very specific shortcoming: Forced motion controls.

While it is possible to turn off the gyroscopic camera controls, it is not possible to turn off motion-exclusive inputs while in control of many captured enemies, and for a few other basic movements. All of these instances where motion controls are the only way to perform a certain action could feasibly be done using unused inputs, or different means of using said inputs (like tap button for normal frog jump and hold button for high frog jump). Many people want to fully complete this game without having to use motion controls, whether it is because they simply do not enjoy the act of using them, or because they primarily play in handheld mode and do not want to risk damaging their system.

Therefore, we would demand a patch that will alleviate these issues. We would appreciate a swift response. Thank you.

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