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Release future Wii U Virtual Console games in Europe/Australia in 60Hz

Nintendo need to make a change for gamers in PAL regions.

The original Nintendo Wii Virtual Console was heavily criticised for classic games outputting in 50Hz as opposed to the 60hz. Nintendo has addressed this on the 3DS, but the Wii U Virtual Console has taken a step back for the worse.

50Hz titles are generally 17% slower, have potential image and sound issues, letterbox bordering when compared to the same games in NTSC regions.

We would like Nintendo to change the way Virtual Console titles are handled in Europe and Australia and allow us to download the 60Hz games as the developers had originally intended, or at least have the option to if we wish.

The Wii U Virtual Console is launching this Spring - there is still time for Nintendo do make a difference for PAL gamers.

Please sign this petition so we can clearly highlight to Nintendo that this is an issue.

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