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Nintendo Of America, Nintendo Of Japan, Nintendo of Europe: Rerelease the Earthbound/Mother series to ALL regions outside of Japan

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Simple explanation:
This is why we love Earthbound series (released in Japan with the beautiful name "Mother") and want it to be released globally:

Long Explanation:
Earthbound. For those who have played any of the games in the Earthbound series, it is to love Earthbound and to live forever changed by the experience of playing Earthbound.

Earthbound. It was said by its creator to be best described as "Strange, Funny, Heartrending"

Earthbound. It has inspired fans the world over to create a large myriad of derivative works, including the mega-popular webcomic "Homestuck".

Earthbound. It deserves to be played, legally, the whole world over.

Nintendo, the hearts and love of the global fan-base for your masterpiece of a video game lies within these signatures. There are no longer any legitimate legal concerns for the rerelease of Earthbound/Mother 2, as the Japanese rerelease has proven. Please, listen to us as we cry out yet again for you to give Earthbound fans the world over 1 more opportunity to play this wonderful beautiful touching game legally, as well as the chance to introduce new fans to a franchise they might not have even heard about yet. The time is now. It is clear from the continually increasing price of Earthbound cartridges that the game is becoming more and more popular.The west is in need of more JRPGs, now more than ever. As Project Rainfall, the Pokemon franchise, and modern JRPG classics like The World Ends With You has shown, there is now a very real profitable western audience for true JRPG games like the Earthbound series.

Please Nintendo. It is time for Nintendo fans old and new the world over to finally have our longstanding wishes heard. Project PK Petition, go!

*Note for naysayers: The last petition ended back in 2003. Its now been almost a decade since then, and there is even larger of a fanbase than ever before. There's nothing to loose by signing this petition, and everything to gain if we are successful. We can win this battle if we hope and pray long enough to NINTENdo!

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