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Get Girls Mode 4 in the United States!

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So. The uproar that it's not coming to the US was inevitable. And this time around, I'll be the one to start it. 

Our request is simple: get Girls' Mode 4 in the US, and handled better.

Why? Because, while the community may be small, it's a dedicated one. There's no reason as to why we shouldn't get it, sales aside. Heck, if you wanna be technical, New Style Boutique 2 and Style Savvy 3 are the EXACT SAME GAME. It's not like it does horribly, in the US, either! Sure, Fashion Forward's sales were pretty sad, but that could be attributed to the fact that you guys only really cared to announce it on Twitter. Heck, I didn't even know for the longest time!

Please, my fellow Style Savvy fans, let's get Nintendo to bring our beloved game series into the US once again. 

And please, Nintendo, bring me and the plenty of other dedicated fans our game. Mark my words, if we must, we will do this for every Style Savvy to come. 

Thank you.

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