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Nintendo to formally acknowledge a false content ID claim to Joel Hopkins (Last Gamer)

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This has to stop.


There is something to be said about exclusivity of branding (a day earlier means you are "removing" the demand and supply as now people know about the product) and steam rolling those who love and support you. If your product was really that good, you would not be afraid to have more information about the product a day prior to launch so those tempered by excitement would not have their hopes dashed by issues that would be overlooked by a buy first find out later business strategy. By trying to enforce a zero supply to all on a day to increase demand and price, they are no better than jewelry corporations who hold enormous vaults of diamonds to increase prices and demands.

Personally I am moved enough that a person and what he dedicates his whole life around is more important than some marketing strategy to limit supply to a day one release and force consumers to make a rushed day one decision and increase demand.

In fact, if you really are fans you would be grateful for honest criticisms, a day earlier, which means you can make better informed decisions with your money and forward those criticisms to nintendo to make a better product.

If sega had the access to the numerous criticism bound to be had from the current internet access, and listened to them and improved their product they would not have gone by the way of the dodo.

But this is more than that. This is about a company who sees the right to steamroll the freedom of press, the freedom of sharing your gaming experiences, and if the rest of the industry were to do the same, there would not be any sharing of passion on video game videos on the internet, no gameplay videos no gameplay videos and literally the enforcement of a archaic company and their archaic business and bottom dollar rules over consumer freedom.

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