Nintendo Please Hire Your Own Dev Team To Make a Proper WWE Game

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Hello all. Nintendo is known to release the best wrestling games of all time. WWE fans like myself who owned many consoles bought in to Nintendo due to their amazing releases which a major factor in our decision making were the WWE games. Right now Blind Squirrel and 2k ruined the WWE franchise not just for the Nintendo Switch but also for the PS4 and PC. I own them all and they were all a mess; But for the Switch it was the worst. Right now 2k made a announcement that WWE 2K19 will not be out for the Nintendo Switch. Let's face it. 2K released a horrible series and right now is the best time for Nintendo to hire their own Dev team to make a game of their own. This is what we loved always about Nintendo, their ability to go above and beyond and think outside the box. The game WWF No Mercy is still being played today and modded. Just imagine if Nintendo with todays graphics and technology can make another awesome game like this. They would boost their sales for the system and games for sure. Nintendo please forget 2k and please hire out your own dev team to release an exclusive game for the Nintendo Switch. To all out there, if you feel the same way please do sign this petition.