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Nintendo, please hear us out

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     There is a shortage of support for a large chunk of Nintendo fans out there. Specifically, I am referring to Super Smash Bros. enthusiasts and the impossibility to find a new controller at an affordable price. In a matter of a couple of months, prices for a new Smash Edition Gamecube Controller (the newest type) have increased 200%-300%. This is due to the fact that Nintendo has stopped producing these controllers while demand for them has remained constant. 

     I, personally, am a Super Smash Bros. Melee fan. I also have three little brothers, aged 21, 14, and 12 who are fans as well. We have a gaming computer and a PS4 with big titles such as League of Legends, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat X and so on. However, the game we all play the most is Melee- a 'party game' from 2001.

     That's right, Nintendo... I've converted a 14 year old League of Legends player into a die hard Captain Falcon player. I've converted a 12 year old Overwatch player into a critically thinking Jigglypuff player. We all play for hours every day and the progress I've witnessed is nothing short of remarkable.

     However, with the increasing rarity of new and lightly used controllers for the Gamecube, Melee's competitive scene could very well die in the next couple of years. After the competitive scene falls, only a few more years will pass before people stop playing it altogether. 

     Personally, I believe that a 'future console' with Melee/Smash 64 with a re-release of Gamecube and N64 controllers would be the perfect answer and will create a ridiculous amount of profit for the company. HD compatibility or not, something like this would create more revenue than most would assume. 

     However, this petition is not about some 'future console' that I dream about. I am simply pointing out that Smash Bros. enthusiasts are willing to pay 70-100 dollars for new official Gamecube controllers. From a business standpoint, it would be a big opportunity missed to completely discontinue the production of Gamecube controllers. Thanks for the consideration.


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