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Nintendo: Make Sora a playable Character in the NeXt Super Smash Bros.

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SORA HAS THE KEY TO VICTORY! Sora from Kingdom Hearts joining the battle would be ground breaking. A lot of hype would be cause(And salt XD) and KH fans like me would rejoice. Many KH Fans would buy this game if they didn't already have it. It could bring great profit to Disney, Nintendo, and Square Enix. Wouldn't it be epic seeing Sora fighting the likes of Link, Pit, Bayonetta, Mario and Cloud? He has made 4 appearances on Nintendo in the past and Kingdom Hearts III could potentially be on the Switch. And a lot of fans including famous KH Youtubers like The Gamersjoint, HMK and Skyward Wing have supported this idea. Plus Sora has many abilities for a moveset. Like Magic, Flowmotion, and etc.


Normal B: Combo finisher

Side: B Firaga

Up B: Sonic Impact

Down B: Reflect

Final Smash: Trinity Limit/Final Form

 And that would mean there would be a second rep other alongside Cloud to represent Square Enix. The only problem is that Disney half owns him and there would be copyright issues. But if we have our voices heard then maybe the dream could come true. #Sora4SmashNX

 P.S Square please port Kingdom Hearts III to the Nintendo Switch

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