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Nintendo, Make a Nipple Mario Amiibo! #ShirtlessOdyssey

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Mario has worn many outfits in his 36 years of life - a doctor's, a baseball player's, a plumber's - and now that Mario has officially been declared as no longer a plumber, Nintendo has even more loudly declared to the world that labels such as a "job title" do not fit a character as renowned and beloved as Mario. 

For too long, the world has had a stigma against nipples. "Keep your shirt on!" People say in disgust towards overweight men (and women). For too long, society has allowed this and other kinds of body shaming go on - but on September 13th, 2017, the big N has finally said "enough", as they showed the world what was under those overalls of our hero, Mario "Jumpman" Mario.

Sign the petition to let Nintendo know that not only are we ready to get behind them and support their decision to expose a brand new part of Mario to us, but we also want a physical piece of hardware (in amiibo form) that we will be able use to look back upon and remember this glorious day and movement.


Join us, as we embark on Nipple Mario: A Shirtless Odyssey.


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