Nintendo in India

Nintendo in India

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Aviral Agarwal
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Nintendo has ignored the Indian gaming market for 35 years (circa 2020). I don't understand why Nintendo doesn't have an official presence in India until now. It's not like the gaming market is too small in India. Mobile gaming is the most popular and PC gaming with console gaming at the 3rd spot.

Mobile gaming is cheap and the games aren't too hard, but the most of the revenue these mobile game companies earn is through ads and not micro-transactions. That proves that people don't want to spend too much money on mobile games. And the PC gaming market is no where as big as the mobile market because it is not cheap as most games aren't free and the gaming PCs are expensive, especially if you want to run some more graphically intense games.

Now we come to console games. Microsoft and Sony have had great success in India with the Xbox one and the PS4 because they officially sell the consoles and games. And there is no reason for Nintendo to not have the same success.

After researching a bit more I found out that in the 1980's, Nintendo used to sell the games and watch portable system before the Gameboy, but it failed to sell even 200-300 systems in it's first month -- because of its steep price and parents were not willing to pay for a 'toy'. Because of this many bootleg systems were made. They were much cheaper and supported the official game cartridges.

There are still bootleg systems being sold on the market. We have to buy the systems from the grey market for double the price. And even if you get your hands on it there is no country option for India of course. But Nintendo went too far when they released their mobile games like Pokemon go, fire emblem, animal crossing without any options for India. Especially with Pokemon go, it wasn't released until the popularity of the game had died. But people including me got the game by making a fake account. We were surprised that Pokéstops and gyms were already based around the landmarks in India, and Pokemon could be found. Which means the game was fully playable in India. But Nintendo still released it late, and it's not like they added any Pokéstops, gyms and etc. on the official launch. But with animal crossing and fire emblem there was no reason to delay it. I could understand it with Pokemon go because of it being based around your location but fire emblem and animal crossing had no reason to not be released.

Sorry for making this too long, but if you are still reading then please sign this petition else we will keep on buying Nintendo's consoles unofficially.