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Nintendo give Blaise Hoeftmann a Switch

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Blaise Hoeftmann (A.K.A Ice Chilly, A.K.A King Cold, A.K.A Dr.Freeze, A.K.A Cold Killa, A.K.A ICE, A.K.A 666--GETTIN_CHILLY_UP_IN_HERE--666) won't have the skrilla  for the Nintendo switch at it's release, cuz school is a bitch  but deserves it as a tight Nintendo fan


  • 500 hours played in animal crossing new leaf alone
  • Notorious Nintendo shill
  • Where the new viewtiful joe at
  • Bought a Wii u
  • Takes Nintendo Ls (played 50 hours in harvest moon and lost it but started again, bought one of those WHACK GameCube to Wii u adapters)
  • Flawless taste in games
  • Yoshikage Kira did nothing wrong 
  • Recognises the GameCube as the best console of all time
  • Has all 721 pokemon (working on that alola pokedex I'm only human son)
  • Planted a tree in memoriam of Iwata
  • Good at monster hunter
  • Good at melee
  • shin megami tensei expert (SMTxFE was whack u owe us for that one boys)
  • Bought all Nintendo consoles even the micro
  • Helps his friends

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