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Nintendo, free the games.

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The Nintendo DSi system was a massive jump from the previously released DS Lite and DS standard systems. One of these major improvements was the addition of an online software catalog, the Nintendo DSiWare Shop.

As many fans may already know, the Nintendo DSiWare Shop is shutting down in March of next year, 2017. (The heartbreaking news.) No new DSi Points may be added, be it credit card or Nintendo Points Card, to anyone's system as of now. This means that only free software can be acquired from the DSi Shop, which consists of the DSi Browser and Flipnote Studio, as well as a Nintendo 3DS Transfer Tool, unless one might somehow on the off chance have points still sitting on their system. Some exclusives still lie on the DSi, however. For example, Cave Story. This is a game on many platforms, but the DSi version is still ONLY on the DSi. It had at one point been on the Nintendo 3DS eShop, but due to the eShop version being labelled as superior, the DSi version was removed and left to be forever stuck to the DSiWare Shop. While most DSiWare games are on the 3DS eShop, some are not and will be doomed to, at this point, never be played. However, there is a way around this.

I propose to Nintendo that they should make every piece of DSiWare software free for the final three months that the shop is still running. There are a few ways to go about this. The most profitable and fan-friendly way would be to bring back "The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition" to both the eShop and DSi Shop as well as make all DSiWare free on both platforms. This would generate a giant interest in the DSi in the last few months that it would be "alive" and would also increase sales for the 3DS and all software as well, digital (albeit not paid for DSi) or physical, on both platforms; however, I see this as unlikely, sadly. The next best option would be to make all DSiWare free on just the DSi, as well as bring back Zelda. This is the most likely option that satisfies the current issue of no one being able to acquire certain DSiWare anymore. Another option is to make all first-party Nintendo DSiWare free on the DSi Shop or both shops, as well as bring back Zelda on the DSi or both systems. A final option is simply to bring back Zelda on both platforms or at least the DSi. But, hey, we're looking to get the exclusive DSiWare games before they're doomed to be lost, not just have a few games back! (If this petition does not go through, we can't have DSiWare games on the DSi ever again after March 2017. This is for the fans.)

The Nintendo DSi has an amazing legacy. The DSi needs to go out with a bang. The DSi needs one final spark. This is that legacy. This is that bang. This is that spark. We can do it. Every DSiWare game, at least on the DSi itself, will be free for the final three months that the shop is still running. Nintendo - the shop is closing - it's now or never.

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