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Make Supernatural Go Happen!

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I want to start a movement to make Supernatural Go™ a real game!
•Instead of catching Pokémon, you can hunt the Supernatural characters from the show. You can also find certain creatures in certain areas, for example, the wendigos are near forest areas, vampires are found at night, etc.
•Instead of the "battles", you're hunting the Supernatural down, and the more you level up, you have the ability to unlock characters as well.
•The different teams can be called "Team Heaven" "Team Hell" and "Team Free Will", and you have the ability to unlock special characters for that team the more you level up. Team Hell: Abaddon, Azazel, Crowley, Amara, Lucifer, etc. Team Heaven: the Archangels, regular angels, God, Lucifer as well, etc. Team Free Will: Bobby, Kevin, Charlie, Eileen, Ketch etc. Another thing, when you level up, you can also unlock the dark!Team Free Will which will include Soulless Sam, Demon Dean, Crazy Cas, (and every other version of Cas too)

•You can even breed the creatures you catch to create hybrids and special characters. For example, if you breed Castiel and Dean (for Destiel shippers), you can produce the Nephilim. You can even breed vampires and werewolves to make Dean's Werepire dream come true. You may also breed Sam, Dean and Cas with demons, leviathans, Cas with God to create that one fiasco, etc. in order to speed up the process of unlocking those characters.
•Instead of Pokéstops, you can collect salt, holy water, silver blades and bullets from The Men of Letters Bunker or Bobby's Garage in order to successfully hunt the supernatural that you find.

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