Make Peach playable in the next 2D Mario title and not have her be kidnapped.

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The last two New Super Mario Bros. didn't have that great of a plot and had Peach be kidnapped in the same monotonous way. Super Mario 3D World had Peach be a playable character and was not kidnapped therefore giving her a break. Super Mario Run did have Peach be kidnapped at the beginning but had her playable after rescuing her. I think the next 2D Mario game should have another princess be kidnapped like in Super Mario 3D World and should have Peach be playable from the start especially now that Super Mario Run has implemented that which couldn't happen in New Super Mario Bros. Wii due to being tough to program and animate. The plain generic Peach getting kidnapped plot seems monotonous at this point and should be changed to something fresh and new.