Make Mario more Gender Equal

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Make Mario more Gender Equal

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The Mario games have always had a problem right from the beginning. A glaring issue that needs to be sorted out. What is this you may ask? Why, gender equality! It is disturbing to see how not only Nintendo, but other companies have been portraying their female characters. They're mostly featured in party/racing games, and when they get a chance to be in the main titles, they're always the "damsel in distress". Even Rosalina, a strong character from Mario Galaxy, was passive - a guide, but never the hero.

This is 2016. 48% of gamers are female. We need to see some change here. For years, gaming has been an activity for the dudes, but things have changed since then. They've been described as weak, fragile and incapable, but female characters are not what Mario is about. It's time to stop. Accept the reality Nintendo. It's time to take action.

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