Make K.K. Slider a playable Super Smash Bros. Character

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Year after year, KK slider is constricted to the background of the Smash stages. Shackled behind the scenes, his true power and potential is being hidden from the Smash universe. Adding KK to the next Super Smash roster should be no questionable matter. He is an artist. A musician. A fighter. A lover. He is, K.K. Slider. Don't let the Villager steal his spotlight any longer! A smash legend will be born with your help.  Please help K.K. Slider (Totakeke in Japan) serenade his way into battle and sign this petition. If he is added, I will personally buy a Nintendo Switch the moment he is annouced as a playable character and preorder the next game in the Super Smash series. I'm looking at you Sakurai and Reggie!