Make a Kid Icarus: Uprising sequel on the Switch while there's still time to develop it

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As you know, the Kid Icarus fandom is in a bit of a difficult place. Masahiro Sakurai has long since stated he has absolutely no interest in creating a sequel while also voicing that there isn't likely to be anyone at Nintendo that cares enough to begin work themselves.

Simply put, this petition is a request that Nintendo assign someone, anyone, to make a sequel to a successful video game that maintains a loyal fandom to this day.

We've already waited five years. For the sake of everyone in this fandom, those who continue to wait and those who wish the world for this but have given up hope alike, I ask that we don't wait another twenty. Kid Icarus has everything necessary to be a game in the current ecosystem Nintendo is trying to curate. It has a fleshed out multiplayer mode that could be readily reworked to make it viable for Testfire treatment and a competitive community while also offering an additional reason for players to subscribe to Nintendo's online service. It has a highly flexible nature and several places with room for improvement that make it a perfect fit for Nintendo's standards for a game warranting a sequel. This is all to say nothing of the excellent writing and voice acting, highly adjustable difficulty, and heavy replayability that make it embody several things many Nintendo fans voice a desire to have in their games.

Simply put, a Kid Icarus sequel would embody everything that could possibly be of value to Nintendo currently. Certainly it would take a while to make, there's no doubt of that. Certainly getting Nintendo to listen to any kind of effort is unlikely. And yes, I know video game petitions in particular are kind of ineffectual. But even so. . .it can't possibly hurt to try, to ask. So I would like to ask everyone here, for the heck of it at least, to join me in asking Nintendo for this. Even just as a gesture, even just because you can. Because. . .why not?

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