Let Princess Peach successfully escape from Bowser all by herself.

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Since she failed to escape on her own in Super Mario 3D Land and in Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (because AlphaDream made her and her paper counterpart useless), she needs to learn how to escape from Bowser's Castle all by herself and do it right. She can't always rely on Mario and Luigi. How about you make a game where she does escape on her own? For more info, go to https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-princess-peach-s-escape-51c162a9-1a7a-4401-83b3-869176b18bc9

Anyway, the game should be called "Princess Peach's Escape." It must have 8 story episodes, each with 10 levels. Every 5th level has a boss. It also must have episodes based on scenarios from Super Mario games where she's been kidnapped in to make up for her failures and her ruined opportunities to escape on her own. It'll be the 1st game in the Mario canon to have Peach successfully escape Bowser on her own. Paper Peach doesn't count. So do it for Satoru Iwata and Paul Corby.