Invert Y axis for Luigi's Mansion 3

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Luigi Mario
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In aviation we find that pulling back on the stick points the nose of the aircraft upward, and pushing the stick forward does the reverse. It is done in this way because it is natural, it is the correct order of things. When we 'pull' our heads back, we look upward just as an aircraft would point its nose towards the sky, and if we were to push our head forward, well, you see the ground.

For a long time in gamings early days we didn't have much in the way of altering the camera control to accommodate different play styles. However as time progressed, it became standard to include (as incorrectly as it's labeled) an 'inverted Y' option. In 2019, nobody would have assumed any differently that Luigi's Mansion 3 would launch without an industry standard option. I, like many people, pre-ordered the game and eagerly awaited October 31st so I could revisit one of my favorite franchises. To my dismay however, I was physically unable to play it. It is now the end of January and no patch has been issued. I've reached out, as I'm sure many others have, to NextLevelGames and Nintendo about this and have heard nothing in return.

I know my view on the inverted issue probably won't align with many, I'm not asking you to argue the semantics of nature when they are physically present and truthful in their representation. I'm aware many others don't play inverted, nor do I care if you ever do, but to those of us who do play inverted, it's near impossible to unlearn what is ingrained by the natural world. I'm sure the thousands if not millions of people who own this game and cannot play it would like to play it, or receive a refund without having to resort to something more drastic, like a class action lawsuit which nobody wants.

Thank you for your time, and I hope such a small issue can be resolved quickly.