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Integrate social interactions directly into Nintendo switch hardware

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I and the hereby signed wish for the social interactions for online gaming to be embedded directly into the Nintendo switch hardware instead of using a separate mobile app as currently planned.


  1. Not everyone owns a smartphone capable of running the app or even own a smartphone. Why should those people go without access to the online features.
  2. The need to have a separate device purely for communication during gaming is awkward to handle and time consuming.
  3. Mobile batteries do not last long as it is, now when gaming with online communication functions, 2 devices need to be charged and we do not want to unnecessarily charge our mobiles degrading the mobile battery performances even quicker. 
We hope that this issue is taken seriously and that the Nintendo development team responsible have explored the possibility of integrating these functions directly into the switch and that those functions can be deployed for the switch alongside the mobile app so people at least have a choice. 

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