Help increase accessibility for deaf, and Hard-of-hearing, in Animal Crossing New Horizon!

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If you have not noticed, there is an accessibility issue in the Animal Crossing New Horizon game. Deaf,  Hard-of-Hearing, blind, and other people with disabilities are unable to hear, see, or notice sound effects such as the sound that a mole cricket makes when it is in the dirt. Also we cannot hear it when the balloons pass by making a ringing sound and the shooting stars pass by in the sky making a tinkling sound. There are no visual cues whatsoever and that limits our equal accessibility to the game. 

There are many suggestions that have been made such as 

Making dirt come out the ground when there is a mole cricket, just like when a Manila Clam sprays water in the sand. 

Confetti coming out of a balloon as it floats over.

Or when a shooting star happens that there is a light that you can see when not looking at the sky. 

In the United States the ADA (Americans with Disabilities act of 1990) prohibits discrimination on people with disabilities. It also ensures that people with disabilities receive equal accessibility to all. For example, this is why there are captioning for the tv or voicing for the blind. This game is potentially breaking it. (I am not saying that it is or not) I don’t believe that Nintendo is intentionally doing it, but they have the opportunity to make some changes. 

Here is more information about the ADA Laws

In the UK the The Equality Act of 2010 also protects people with disabilities from discrimination. It also provides legal rights to have equal accessibility in employment, education, buying or renting land, and access to goods, services, and facilities. The Animal Crossing New Horizon game is considered to be a goods. Therefore people with disabilities have the right to receive equal accessibility to the game. 

Here is the link if you want to read more about The Equality Act of 2010

There are other countries in the world that also have similar laws protecting people with disabilities and that has to be taken in consideration. 

Even if Nintendo may or may not legally have to comply to the laws, we people with disabilities still have the international natural human right to ask for equal accessibility. The laws were listed so people can be more aware and this can possibly be a push for Nintendo, even when it may or may not apply for the in game. Equal accessibility and inclusivity is part of the future and Nintendo should see that. This would be great marketing for them and does not hurt anyone in the process. 

From this petition, we are are hoping to get more equal accessibility for the deaf, hard-of hearing, blind, and other disabilities in the Animal Crossing New Horizon game in the future updates from Nintendo. We hope that our concerns are heard and we very much appreciate any and all the measures that can be taken to allow more accessibility to the deaf and hard-of-hearing.

We hope that this petition will create a domino effect for not just this game, but the other games that are out there as well! 

We all just want to enjoy the game just like anyone else. 

Photo rights: Mikaela Sorensen