Have Nintendo Re-release The first three Fatal Frame games on the Nintendo Switch

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As readers are already aware; ever since 2012, Nintendo has co-owned the IP along with developer Tecmo Koei, and outside of Deep Crimson Butterfly for the Wii, we haven't seen any effort on either Nintendo nor TK to release the first Fatal Frame game and the Tormented on any Nintendo system. They were originally released on the PS2, and so far, outside of being released digitally on the PSN store, there is no word.

Now to be clear; this is not asking Nintendo to remake the first game and The Tormented as they did with Crimson Butterfly (though that would be a great bonus), this is to simply convince Nintendo to re-release the first three games on the Switch. Of course, simply porting a PS2 era game onto the Switch is probably going to be a lot of work and money; as the two systems are designed differently. But I hope by having the fans sign this petition, this will allow Nintendo and TK to see that there is still demand Fatal Frame and give some more love and care into this beloved franchise. Fans of the series and Switch owners should be allowed to experience the three games that started this beloved IP.