Get Fiora into Super Smash Bros as a playable character

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Fiora is the Secondary Protagonist of the game Xenoblade Chronicles, released on the Wii in 2010 in Japan, 2011 in PAL regions, and 2012 in western NTSC regions. In 2014, Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo Wii U was released, and one of the newcomers to join this game was the star of said game, Shulk. Fiora, however, was nowhere to be seen. This was fair enough. The game was not particularly popular at the time, and did not warrant more than one character. However, Shulk's inclusion led people to take interest in the game, and its popularity blew up to massive proportions. Since then, there have been two new games released for the series; The spiritual successor Xenoblade Chronicles X, and the actual successor Xenoblade Chronicles 2, the latter of which has surpassed One Million sales. It was clear at this point that this series was beginning to make quite a name for itself, and perhaps warranted more than one character in Super Smash Bros.

Among the potential characters that could be added included names such as Elma, a primary character in Xenoblade Chronicles X, Rex, the main protagonist of Xenoblade Chronicles 2, with many speculations that Rex be paired up with Pyra or Mythra as a duo unit, or Fiora, the secondary character of Xenoblade Chronicles. Fiora also appeared in the DLC expansion for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 alongside Shulk, where she was a usable Blade. She also made an appearance alongside KOS-MOS from the Xenosaga series in the tactical RPG Project X Zone 2. Finally, in Xenoblade Chronicles X, Fiora's Voice Actor Carina Reeves is selectable when making your character, and doing so will cause the avatar to say many of Fiora's lines during battle. In Xenoblade Chronicles, Fiora is represented as the counterpart to Shulk, where he represents the Bionis, and she represents the Mechonis. They each act as the respective vessels for the two primary gods of the game, Zanza and Meyneth. This is why seeing Shulk alongside Fiora in Super Smash Bros. would make for good representation of the series. Fiora would also make for a very unique fighter, as no other fighter in the series uses Dual Blades to fight. As well as Dual Blades, Fiora also has a variety of functions that she can make use of, such as detachable Drones that can act independently or use energy attacks, and the ability to swap between Ether, Speed, Attack, and Power Modules in order to take on any role in the party she wants to. This could be translated into a very interesting and unique Super Smash Bros. fighter, and is one of the reasons why I believe she should be added into the game.

With the recent announcement for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Shulk was confirmed to still be a playable character. No other characters from the series were announced to be playable. However, Shulk's Final Smash had been changed slightly, and now included Fiora in addition to Dunban and Riki. This was a nice reference, but it killed any and all chance that Fiora could be added as a future character, in DLC or otherwise. Many fans of the original Xenoblade Chronicles who wanted Fiora to be playable, including myself, were very disappointed at this news.

The purpose of this petition is to remove Fiora from Shulk's Final Smash and add her as a second character to represent Xenoblade Chronicles. This does not necessarily have to be done immediately. It could be performed as a DLC expansion, or perhaps not even take effect until whatever instalment of Super Smash Bros. is released after Ultimate. Regardless, thank you for taking the time to read this petition. I hope that you will consider it.

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