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Free the Master Sword - Petition for Master Sword durability toggle in Breath of the Wild.

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The Master Sword in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild being limited by a cool down timer is a giant blotch on a nearly perfect game. With the weapon durability the way it is, I feel this game needed some sort of end game, truly permanent for endgame players that have mastered the new combat system. The master sword should have been that weapon. Instead it's limited in a ridiculous way that feels very out of place in the series.

I understand why it works the way it does, in an attempt at game balance...but I just don't think it's fun and I know many feel the same. Fellow fans, what I propose is that Nintendo update the game either with a patch, or free DLC similar to the language toggle, for a toggle switch at the main menu to turn off the Master Sword's cool down timer so it can finally truly feel like the legendary weapon it is.

A toggle switch, I think, is the perfect solution for players that feel the same way to find even more enjoyment in the game without affecting players that like the way the sword functions in it's current state. The low attack in it's base state is enough to keep you incentivized to keep you using the game's vast array of weaponry, and would only make for a better reward for those that purchased and completed the extremely challenging Trials of the Sword.

I feel like such a change would make Breath of the Wild a near perfect game. Lets get the word to Nintendo so we can make Breath of the Wild an even better game than it already is and be able to wield the Master Sword as we should in any other Zelda game.



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