Fix splatoon's multiplayer experience

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Splatoon is a really fun, exciting game to play. It has a unique concept, an interesting personality, and solid gameplay that makes for a great gameplay experience, an experience that I would love to cherish and enjoy with my closest friends. With Splatoon current multiplayer system, that is simply impossible. As it currently stands, the only modes you can play with your friends are: Private battles, regular matches, where you aren't even guaranteed to be on the same team as your friend, and salmon run, which is local multiplayer only. Splatoon would greatly benefit from the ability to queue with friends in ranked, regular, and salmon run matches. Splatoon is a game that is all about the multiplayer, so why hasn't Nintendo taken advantage of this and I allowed a better multiplayer experience with friends? Lobby based queueing has existed for over a decade on the xbox360 and ps3 with even the most obscure multiplayer games, so why in 2017 are we now running into this issue with one of the largest gaming comanies in the world? This petition was created to hopefully get nintendo's attention and inspire them to improve the muliplayer experience for one of their favorite games, so if you want to improve splatoon, Support this format petition. Nintendo, if this petition grows and you are reading this, all we ask is for you to allow friends to queue together before matches for ranked, regular, and salmon run matches online. Any issues with this being unbalanced can easily be fixed by allowing groups to only play against teams with a similar sized group. These changes will greatly increase the life cycle of this game as well as its reception in the public eye.