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Deliver Splitscreen-mode for Splatoon 2 in a future Update

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With the Nintendo Switch being the absolute co-op/local multiplayer runner, we don't understand how Splatoon 2 was released without a Splitscreen option. It would be so much more fun to play Splatoon with a friend on the couch, or even on the go in tablet-mode. I bought the game on release and for me it was clear that I could play this game in splitscreen, as this is what the Switch is about. And as a proud Switch owner, it is needless to say that probably most Switch owners are confonted with the same problem at this time: Not all of our friends own a Switch themselves, so the local multiplayer feature with pairing multiple consoles isn't enough.

Dear Nintendo, please release an update for Splatoon 2, so we will finally be able to splat our friends on the same TV.

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