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Convince Nintendo to buy Rare from Microsoft.

As we all know Rare (Rareware) has been making great games for a long time.
They are best known for the games they have created for Nintendo, but know Rare is reaching its downfall. Microsoft purchased Rare and now Rare is making terrible games. If Nintendo re-bought Rare, then they will soon go back to making great games again. With the advances in video game technology, Rare could make great games for the next generation Wii console.  If this petition spreads to Nintendo and Microsoft, we might see characters like Banjo back at Nintendo. Please hear me out   sign this petition ,tell your friends and lets bring back Rare to Nintendo!

Do it for Rare.

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Nintendo Nintendo
I have been a fan of Rare since the Nintendo 64. They have made great games for Nintendo, my favorite being Banjo. As you all know Rare is now a part of Microsoft. They now make terrible games one of them was Banjo Nuts and Bolts. The goal for this petition is to convince Nintendo to buy Rare. Please tell your friends and help me support Nintendo and convince them to buy Rare.

Thank You

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