Comeback of pokemon omega

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On the 8th of May 2014 the admins of Pokemon Omega ( A online RPG Game ) got a letter from the lawyers of Nintendo saying to shut down a game that has been running for 4 Years. For these 4 years the makers of Nintendo have known about the existance of omega and are only now choosing to close it. No warning prior to shutdown whatsoever, this is very unfair to some extent. Omega has created many lasting friendships that would have never have been formed without Pokemon Omega. Every cent that was spent on omega didn't go to anybody for personal use, all the money went straight back into the game to improve it. Revenue was not made to some extent. With over 400,000 members on the game that shows how much it has grown, how much of an Audience Pokemon has, It's not Omega's Audience, it's Pokemons Audience, the admins/staff of this extrodinary game do not get benefits, all they do is develop and try make it better, Instead of shutting down omega Nintendo should be proud. Nintendo should be on the Pokemon fan/community side of omega instead of going against it and shutting it down. After 4 years of shutdown, i ask you to, please, autorize the comeback of this incredible game!

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