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Release Earthbound (Mother 2) on the Wii / Wii U / 3DS Virtual Console

It has come to our attention recently that Earthbound for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System was not released in either Japan or America due to one copyrighted song (The Sky Runner Song) and that Nintendo Co, Ltd. Was unwilling to change it. We feel that this game is extremely important to gaming culture and history, and we as Earthbound fans would like to see this song changed so that the game can be released. It has been a long time since American fans have seen Mother 2/Earthbound, and now that cartridges go on eBay for $165 used, we need to see a rerelease. It is our belief that a VC Release would bring many more gamers to the series, and give it the recognition that it deserves.

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  • Nintendo Co, Ltd. (Japan)

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