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Bring the regular sized New 3DS to America / Stop region locking.

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Nintendo, time and time again your multiple companies have made things difficult for some fans. Whether it were only releasing the 2DS in U.S.A when a European had just lost his 3DS and wanted a newer, cheaper one, or releasing a sequel to a fan loved game only in Japan and region locking it so that even if it were imported, the game cannot be played. The most recent offense to your fan base (besides the Amiibo shortage) is only releasing the New 3DS XL in the United States, and without a charger cable at that. I myself was planning on getting my 6 year old cousin the New 3DS for his birthday so he and I could play Xenoblade and Smash Bros with Amiibo when I saw the announcement. A small child getting his first DS console does not have a charger, nor does he have big enough hands to play on the New 3DS XL comfortably, and worst of all, I can't import a regular New 3DS because of your region locking. He and I (and most of the fan base) were also looking forward to customizable face plates, it would be good for him so he does not lose his 3DS if he is playing with friends, and it also makes the 3DS more "his own." I understand the sales of the New 3DS XL in Japan are 2 - 1 when compared to the regular New 3DS, but that should not stop you from bringing both versions to the United States. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and please consider what I have said, if not now, then sometime along in the future.

Sincerely, Thiago Da Silva

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