Bring back the Advance Wars series! #OperationWarzone

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Operation Warzone
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Operation Warzone has been started by fans who are passionate about the Advance Wars series, a critically acclaimed turn-based strategy series created by Nintendo & Intelligent Systems beloved by fans & critics alike. Having been gone coming close to 12 years, Operation Warzone seeks to end the long hiatus the series has had and see the franchise not only return, but reach new levels it's never seen before.

In conjunction with #OperationWarzone and the official Discord server, this petition is done to show our support for the Advance Wars series to return. Ultimately, our goal is to show Nintendo & Intelligent Systems the demand for a return. Operation Warzone seeks to...

  • Bring a new Advance Wars title on the Switch
  • Support older titles in the series being released on the EShop or a collection of the GBA/DS games on the EShop
  • Support for a Mobile title akin to it's sister series, Fire Emblem
  • Advocate for Andy, main protagonist of the first GBA Advance Wars as a DLC Fighter in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

Show your support for the return of the Advance Wars series by signing this petition, following @OperationWarzo1, and joining the official Discord server for this movement found at this link.

Together, we can win this war!