Add Lars Ulrich to Super Smash Bros Switch

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The existence of the newest Smash game has just been announced, and with every new installment comes people begging for their exceedingly-unlikely, impossible-to-happen character picks. Instead of rallying behind something that will NEVER happen like Goku from DBZ or Ridley from Metroid, we need to have our collective voices heard and support Lars Ulrich from the globally acclaimed metal band, Metallica, as the newest addition to the Super Smash roster. Super Smash Bros is one of the most widely-known fighting games, and Metallica is one of the most widely-known metal bands. The union of these two brands would be a boon to both communities. Everyone who is critical of Metallica constantly blames Lars for his incompetence, whether it was their musical direction altering in the 90s, his snare tone on St. Anger, his destruction of the bass mix on "...And Justice For All," his insistence on dragging out riffs that are just chugging open notes for eight measures instead of four... the list goes on. Some of the criticism for the SSB franchise is the community disagreeing with character roster choices. With this union, we could appease both parties. Metalheads will finally have an outlet for their disapproval against Metallica's unfavorable decisions, and gamers will finally have an absolutely flawless Smash Bros line up. Even those who think "Load" and "Reload" are good albums will be able to use Lars to defend their music tastes against metal purists. If this happens, we can bring joy to millions of players and metal fans, and with the endless amount of play hours Super Smash Bros provides, this will be the first time Metallica has entertained us for more than forty minutes in the last almost thirty years. Nintendo, please do the right thing and include Lars Ulrich in the next Super Smash bros line up.

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