Add Karate Joe in Super Smash Bros Ultimate or any future Smash titles

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I think Karate Joe should be in Smash. He has potential for a good moveset IMO. I think he's the Rhythm Heaven rep that deserves to be in Smash. Not the Chorus Kids. I think his Victory Theme should be the Prologue Jingle of Karate Man. I also think he should have his own Rhythm Heaven stage with his own remixed theme for Smash called “Karate Man Medley”. A medley remix of the following songs: Karateka (Karate Man Returns), Struck by the Rain (Karate Man Kicks), Lonely Storm (Karate Man Combos), Karate Man (Rhythm Heaven Megamix), and Karate Man Senior. Oh! And I also think they should add more songs from the Rhythm Heaven series, especially for his stage. Both originals and remixes, including the Tempo Up remixes from Rhythm Tengoku Arcade.