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BTD 6 for web page

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Ninjakiwi has become focused on mobile lately, and this is most likely to be a permanent change. I understand them - Mobile is more rentable, and NinjaKiwi is a small Enterprise so they can't afford to keep caring about the web version, because it'd be a waste of money.

On the other hand, today's technologies can make this possible. NinjaKiwi can open a Patreon, or even a kickstarter funding campaign (which I wouldn't recommend, though) to solve the money problem. Another solution is making purchases in-game, just as BTD 5. That's why this game triumphed on the web page, at least for auite a while - if there are in-game purchases, then popularity increases the earnings.

So, why did BTD 5 decay? Why wouldn't BTD 6 be rentable? Because of lack of popularity. The game needs a big community. How can we solve this? Youtubers nowadays play many games. In fact, many indie games grow really quickly because lots of famous youtubers play them and show their reactions. What do we need in order to get youtubers' attention? A pretty nice and curious game. Thing is, not many famous youtubers like tower defense games. BUT there's also another thing we can do - ask mediumly-known youtubers, such as SuperJomboBombo, ISAB, etc.

The flash format doesn't limit anything either, because they could make the game in HTML 5, a much game-friendlier format

But, how can we ask them without being ignored or understimated? By grouping a lot of people. Even if you don't care so much about the web version, please help us. Clans (which should have more features by the way) are only available in the web version, and the web version was the very first one to come out. We need to keep nostalgy alive too.

*Photo taken from a Superjombombo video. You can watch that video here:


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