Channel 9 to bring morality back to MAFS

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Married at First Sight has gone down to gutter reality TV especially the last two seasons when we have seen cheating of partners at an all time high.  Channel nine and the production company needs to screen their contestants better, and stop choosing want to be models and actors.

This season has seen two women force men to stay in the project for their own selfish reasons under the guise that they came into the experiment to find love.  The experiment is not based on these individuals to choose their partners but trust the process of the partner that has been chosen for them.

Rules need to change that if one partner votes 3 times to leave that on the 3rd time they are out of the experiment, and any cheating is immediately highlighted to the whole team in the experiment and those who are cheating are dismissed from production.

No wonder this show has had very little success the people who are selected on a whole are fake.