Decision Maker Response

Prithvi Reddy’s response

Mar 4, 2021 — Dear Citizens and Supporters of Archana’s campaign,

Archana K.R’s petition on has been hard to miss on social media because of her tireless efforts to draw the attention of the Government of Karnataka to the issue of clean school toilets. I also noticed that over 55,000 citizens are standing with her.

Today, as National Executive Member and Convenor of Aam Aadmi Party, Karnataka, I wish to not only convey my solidarity, but the solidarity and support of every volunteer, member and supporter of AAP, to Archana and her 55,000 supporters .

It is our belief that “True nation building” can be achieved only through education of our children .

AAP Karnataka team and I have been visiting many government schools in Karnataka. To our shock, we found that, even after 73 years of Independence, in many places, students are not able to access basic toilet facilities. When we spoke to Headmasters, Headmistresses and other school authorities, they told us they don’t have a proper budget for toilet maintenance, and due to this, the drop-out rates are high.

In a short period of 6 years, the Aam Aadmi Party-led government in Delhi has revolutionised and transformed the public education sector in a way that not just the infrastructure but results of Government schools are now superior to private schools .

It took less than two years for Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia to turn government schools into model schools that provide all the necessary facilities: drinking water, clean toilets, hygienic classrooms and premises, in addition to creating a curriculum that focuses on holistic learning, mental health and happiness.

We have seen first-hand how government investments in these basics guarantee that students will gladly come to school and learn. I see no reason why the same cannot happen in government schools here in Karnataka.

Therefore, I urge the government to consider Archana’s proposal for increasing the funds given to schools so that toilets can be kept clean all year round. This will have positive implications on both health and education outcomes of children in our state.

Thank you,

Prithvi Reddy
National Executive Member and Convenor Aam Aadmi Party, Karnataka
Twitter: @aapkaprithvi