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Non-gender conforming lunch at Nimitz Middle School

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I am an 8th grader at Nimitz Middle School in Odessa, Tx. Nimitz has always been the place where the school district tends to disregard someone due to their gender or gender expression. After speaking to many of my fellow admirals, the fact of splitting up the boys and girls will cause more trouble than ever before. Multiple queer/trans students are terrified to be left alone with a specific gender. (This fear all comes from society of what is shown and expected from the genders we're being split up into) My best friend who happens to be queer, only has us girls to protect him from hateful people that consist of many, MANY boys in this school. And while fighting with depression, grades can potentially drop incredibly. Many don't feel mentally safe including me, and being torn apart from people I love in the only time we can spend together just because of a gender?! I have no clue how anyone thought that was a good idea and was ok. 

I've also had claims that due to the numbers of students that the action had to be taken, but as far as I can see, what was happening last year was more than alright.

I'd like to leave you with a final note of what I've heard just by students hearing the news. "They'll wonder why there are going to be more fights this year", "But my only friend is a boy", "That'll be a complete disaster".

I hope I can inspire some positive change in the new school policies by spreading awareness of your students' feelings. Please take everything into consideration and rethink some things. 


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