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We Should Have a change to our laws to have minions of the following!!! No more weak system 

20 years minimum for driving causing death ! 

15 years minimum for fleeing the scene of a crime that caused Death  ! 

One early morning a young girl was simply walking down a street, a sweet, amazing & talented young girl who had her whole life ahead of her. 

until she was struck and killed by a known drug user, the same drug user who is now on bail, and was on bail when they struck down Nilly. 
this same drug user has a horrendous traffic history including an accident in a high powered vehicle while they were on their P plates, they have  dishonesty charges relating to a car hire company and many others all previous and or pending. 

There has been no justice for Nilly ! The driver has not been held fully accountable and it’s because our justice system is weak ! And needs to see changes !!! 

we want this “human” if you can call them that, locked up ! To never see the light of day again, to be charged with the murder of this sweet young girl, who was struck down by someone who has shown no remorse for their  actions and is back on social media and back in the community !! 

what would you do if someone you loved was struck and killed by a known police informant, that has a massive and disgusting wrap sheet, that was already on bail for drug and driving offences !and is constantly getting away with offences , yet still gains bail when they have then struck down and killed a young adult !! You would want them locked up and off the streets !!