Repair and proper maintenance of Public BasketBall Court in Jashpur District

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We are raising a petition to repair and maintain the public basketball court in Jashpur district. 

1. To replace the board with new one. 
2. To replace the basketball pole with FIBA standards. 
3. Repair the floor with new layer of cement coating. 
4. To finish the court with accurate markings.
5. Pole has been posted at wrong position and we need it to be fixed at right measurements according to FIBA. 

This place was earlier known as Jashpur Club but it has been abandoned by the government from past many years. 

This sport will help many kids, young and old people to play and work on their health. This will also add a milestone to the reputation of Jashpur. 

We have also contributed a sum of INR 10,000 from the local people and we are seeking permission to repair the court ourselves.

We are also requesting the authorities to contribute to the endeavor.