Stop the Springfield Cell Tower in Rotorua

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We the undersigned oppose the installation of the Cell Tower at the back of the Springfield Shops in Rotorua that is within 400 meters minimum from homes, Childcare Centre, Schools, Retirement Villages and Businesses.

We think this Tower should not be in the area of dense population due to the EMF radiation fields that they emit. Exposure to the neighboring properties from the cell phone tower will be non-stop, day and night with full body exposure. There are many independent peer-reviewed scientific studies that have linked EMF waste to harmful health effects

In addition to health concerns, property values can also be significantly negatively affected as described in this document by the New Zealand Ministry of the Environment “Appendix 5: The Impact of Cellphone Towers on Property Values”; see attached. Source: New Zealand Ministry for the Environment website, 2006

There is no need to put a cell phone tower in the proposed location. There are plenty of high points in the rural zone behind Springfield where these towers could be located away from people and still provide coverage over the Springfield area.

It is also morally wrong to NOT notify ALL the residence in Springfield about the impending Cell Tower. 

Remember, a cell phone can be turned off but a cell tower cannot.

Please support the all PEOPLE of Springfield to STOP the CELL Phone Tower at the Springfield Shops and sign this Petition.