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Nikko the Husky: Legal and Parental Negligence

It is out of a sheer case of apathy that the D.A.'s office of Allegheny County Pennsylvania is allowing this dog to take the blame for what happened Brandy Furlong's child. It is criminally negligent on the mother's part to allow her 2-day-old-infant to be left alone with a new dog. A new dog with a broken leg, who was most likely in massive amounts of pain and anxious after being placed in a completely new environment. The D.A.'s office is allowing the dog to take the fall on this rather than the mother because it is legally much easier to label the dog dangerous and have it put down than to charge the mother with negligence. Ignorance on the mother's part and lack of interest on the D.A.'s part does not mean Nikko, who has already been through so much, needs to be killed.

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  • The District Attorney's Office of Allegehny County, PA
    Stephen Zappala

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