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BRING BACK COACH REESE TO HILHI ATHLETICS.  Months have passed since Coach Reese was placed on leave for an alleged incident during a football game. After weeks of investigations, the only finding was that he used profanity during a football game and was then fired as both the head coach of football and wrestling.   We, as a community, packed two school board meetings to express our disappointment and outrage with this decision  At the meetings we had the opportunity to listen to speakers from Coach Reese’s past, present, and future families speak on his behalf.  The testimony spoke to his passion of coaching, commitment to kids and love of the community.  

As a community member I feel like my voice, our voices, are not being heard. I've been to both board meetings and for every person that was there, there are many  more who couldn't come but feel the same way. Why are the kids and these programs being punished because someone is butt hurt over their pride? Sadly, this is the only conclusion I can come to with what little information has been released to the public.

Fired for using profanity. No warning, no previous disciplinary actions taken, just an "investigation" and firing. I'm curious what kind of investigation actually took place when hoards of people find the outcome completely unacceptable. Even coaches from other programs speak on his behalf (watch the December board meeting). This is not a dictatorship. People have been ELECTED into positions that oversee people making decisions. How can this continue?

Coach Reese is a man who had committed 19 of the past years to a community he grew up in.  He fosters both athletic and academic excellence, while holding athletes accountable for their actions and expecting them to do their best.  He grew youth programs that brought families together and can be seen at any Spartan event in a sea of Blue.  There is no place like this community. We believe in the strength of a coach and his ability to be compassionate and firm, while bringing out the best in his students and athletes.  This is family and we want Coach Reese back.  

Below are the board members and superintendents email addresses should you wish to contact them directly...again.  


Wayne Clift - Chair;

Glenn Miller - Vice Chair;

Kim Strelchun;

Janeen Sollman;

Monte Akers;

Lisa Allen;

Erik Seligman;

Mike Scott - Superintendent;



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