#StudentsAgainstSlavery in Libya

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Human beings just like us are being sold into modern day slavery as we enjoy our privileged lives, blissfully unaware of the tragedies happening in our world today. While Libya may be an entire ocean away for many of us, the gravity of this inhumanity will never be diminished by distance. The enormity of this problem has now seized the attention of high school students across the country, who implore UN Ambassador Nikki Haley to use her platform, as we use ours, to influence the United Nations and the global community to action. This video has indeed shocked the conscious of us all. Ambassador Haley, we ask that you stay engaged in this issue until you can announce the launch of a formal investigation by UN Security Council, and continue to see that investigation through to liberation. "There are few greater violations of human rights and human dignity than this." -Ambassador Nikki Haley

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