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Nike: Stop the slaughter of kangaroos to make your soccer shoes!

Please join my family and I in asking Nike to stop using kangaroo leather to make soccer shoes!

Did you know that millions of kangaroos are slaughtered in Australia every year to make soccer shoes (or football shoes for the more enlightened of us)?

If that isn’t sad enough many times baby joeys are found in the dead mothers’ pouches after they are killed and then meet the end of their life by being stomped on, beaten with sticks or smashed against vehicles because they serve no use.

Being from Portland, Oregon, it’s exciting to know that Adidas, which based its US headquarters here, just recently stated that they will cut back on kangaroo leather use by 98% in the next twelve months! Even cooler Puma recently said it’s exploring even more non-animal material because of environmental problems like chemicals and waste created in leather tanneries!

The question is what about Nike and Umbro (the soccer specialty company which Nike owns)?

The interesting thing is that Nike already makes an alternative to kangaroo leather called ‘Kanga-Lite.’

Now some may wonder if it using a synthetic material impacts performance? As a Manchester City fan it is difficult for me to ever give credit to anything associated with Manchester United, but if a synthetic shoe can work with a world class player like Rooney it is clear that performance is not an issue. Add in Ronaldo and US superstar Landon Donovan amongst those who wear amazing Nike cleats where no kangaroos had to die and it is clear that the alternatives are great.

Our whole family loves soccer and we also love animals which is why we find it painful and sad to imagine slaughtering even a single kangaroo for use in a shoe! That’s why we want Nike to stop using kangaroo leather and instead use the many wonderful, kangaroo-friendly, highly-functional materials that go into football shoes that don’t involve needless cruelty. Some of Nike’s best models featuring revolutionary synthetics include models called CTR360, Total90 Laser IV, and Mercurial Vapor VIII, and there are plenty of choices for regular families like ours who play on recreational teams!

Remember Nike is a business and if their customers ask them to use less cruel and more environmental friendly materials they will listen! Will you join us by signing our petition to Nike to stop the slaughter of kangaroos to make their shoes?

Thank you!

Robert, Renate, Ras and Chaitan Fish

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I just signed the following petition addressed to: Nike.

Stop the slaughter of kangaroos to make your soccer shoes!

Please stop using kangaroo leather. Millions of kangaroos are slaughtered in Australia every year for products like your soccer cleats even though you have alternatives (like Kanga-Lite) where no animals were harmed at all!

If Adidas can cut back by 98% to save animals and Puma can publicly say they see an end to using leather because of its concern for the planet, can’t you at least use your power and innovation as a company to stop paying for kangaroos to be killed and turned into soccer shoes?



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