Get Nike to redesign Kenya's athletics sportswear for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics!

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Kenya is the most successful country in history in long-distance running. Kenya was ranked second in the track and field medal haul at the Rio 2016 Olympics, only outranked by the USA. We must have our athletes, as they proudly stand at the podium to recieve their medals, dressed in the most beautiful, partriotic uniform, befitting of our royal status in the world athletics stage. As the kenyan anthem rings out through the stadium, and the millions of tv sets tuned in, in equal measure should our athletes dazzle in their spectacular jerseys. This moments are forever, our countries pride and rich cultural identity is at stake. We cannot have them dressed in the ugly garb that Nike designs every year from the off cuts collected in the bins after they've designed other's sportswear (If they don't copy paste what they did the previous year that is). Kenya is not short of fashion designers or inspiration if Nike needs some. We are not, bottom tier, we are royalty. And as much as we have many problems to deal with as a country, we have the energy for this one. Sign this petition if you love your country and it's sportsmen. Sign to get Nike to redesign the 2020 olympics sportswear. Viva!