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Demand that Nike cancel all suspicious Off White “The 10” orders and redo the Release

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The issue with Online releases, and instore releases with Nike has been an issue for far too long. Store employees of all kinds both Nike, Foot stores, private boutiques, etc have allowed their own employees to rob the customer of their opportunity to purchase sneakers. 

The internet releases have been plagued by Hackers and Programmers utilizing computer programs that enable them to check out not just one, but sometimes HUNDREDS of carts, as well as altering to sabotage the check out option for manual orders placed by ACTIAL human beings.

On this release in particular, EVERY customer who tried to check out using a Credit/Debit was given an error even tho using the proper information. This was the case for THOUSANDS of people. As they struggled trying to get another card to work only to find the same error no matter what, some using 5+ cards, during that time, Bot Programs were able to purchase all available inventory, leaving next to nothing for the average consumer. This was he case for ALL TEN sneaker releases today, making it clear this wasn’t an error - this was the result of an intentional stick in the spikes of Nike, planted by a more or less theif who robbed everyone of their enjoyment, to add more money to their already-full bank account, from years of this ridiculousness. 

All of this could easily be remedied with a series of Captcha puzzles to ensure an individual human is processing the order, not a computer program, and yet Nike has refused to implement them, or any kind of precautionary measure to try and rectify this situation and provide their consumers with a fair chance to purchase their shoes. 

With Nike’s sales on their way to declining for a THIRD year in a row - I say to Nike - Nownisnhe time to do right by your Sneaker Head customers, or risk losing what small amount still remains. 

Bu Signing this Petition - you are making it known to Nike, that if they do not correct this situation with the Off White release, and all future releases, by requiring a series of Captcha puzzles - if they do not correct this situation, and signees are making you aware that we will boycott your shoes and all other products, for the indefinite future until this is made right by us. 

Allowing things to continue in this way is not only unfair to the consumer, but socially irresponsible, as this practice is a large portion of the problem that leads to overwhelming 2nd hand pricing, which ultimately leads to CONSTANT DEATHS in the Sneaker Community, as people are literally willing to kill for these shoes and their resale value. 

Fix this situation and do right by us, Nike, or we PROMISE you we will stop buying your products all together. Too many years have gone by that we’ve dealt with this abuse and disrespect, either fix it now and show your consumers you actually value and respect them, or see us leave and your over all sales continue to plummet. 

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