No more APC led government. Say NO to Buhari come 2019

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The APC government has failed Nigerians. They are insensitive to the cries and death of citizens of Nigeria who they have left to die like chickens while they run political campaigns and raise armies to slaughter Nigerians if they do not win the elections come 2019. These are people who they swore to protect when they gave their inaugural speech. Since their entrance into office they have only caused hardship, poverty and manslaughter. Suicide cases have been on the rise due to hardship from recession. 

The Benue killings took over 500 lives which include men, women and children who were massacred in their own homes by herdsmen and no-one has been held culpable for this offenses. The herdsmen that kill and rape women and children are instead protected by the government and have been given the mandate to graze their cows openly and carry weapons to protect them. Inturn, wherever they go to they leave a river of dead bodies. 

Recently in Plateau state, scores and hundreds of people were slaughtered in cold blood yet there has been no arrest and the APC government are yet to declare herdsmen as a Terrorist group but were quick to declare biafra a terrorist group when they insisted  they wanted the country to be divided so that herdsmen can have their own country and stop slaughtering innocent children since the government lacked power to protect it's citizens. Immediately, the government declared biafrans as terrorists and released military to make open arrests and biafra movement was shunted.

Now, where are the military to cut down the herdsmen? Nigeria is now a suicide mission country. The APC led government wants to kill us all. 

In Lagos State, the ojuelegba bridge has been very weak and several complaints have been made to the governor who kept mute to our pleas. Few days ago, a truck fell from the bridge and killed innocent people who were returning home from a stressful day at work where they went to hustle their daily bread to survive in the harsh economy of Nigeria. Till date, that bridge remains unfixed. 

Also in Lagos State,  a tanker carrying petrol had a brake failure and in broad day light, on a bridge stuck in traffic, the tanker rolled into incoming vehicles and exploded killing an unknown number of innocent persons and setting over 50 vehicles ablaze. The road safety officials and LASTMA are rather concerned with seatbealts than ensuring compliance with road worthiness of the vehicles. Containers in mile 2 area falls on a daily basis on moving pedestrians and motorists, squashing them like mosquitos and yet, nobody has restricted the movement of these trucks or put strict laws on how containers should be transported. 

Again,  SARS operatives who are supposed to be security officers have been harassing youths and young people by extorting money from them if they were found to wear good-looking clothes, had dreadlocks or drove a good car. They have even graduated to extorting money from people walking on the road by taking them to ATMs and robbing them of their hard earned money yet no government personnel finds it necessary to disband this bandits and charge them to court (after all no-one is above the law except SARS and herdsmen in buharis government ofcourse).

We need a new government come 2019, nobody should support an APC led government, let us all kick buhari out with his mayhem and hardship. We need a young president, a president with a track record for excellence. We don't want leaders that have been in the presidency since 1960, we don't need the recycling. We need a new abled president and not a wicked evil old and cranky looking one. 

Can I count in you? 

Write down your own experience with the APC led government. How it has affected your family or state. 

Thank you.