Deregister political parties that fail to deliver promised manifestos or buys/steal votes

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There are about 70 political parties in Nigeria, many as lately discovered, are only in the polity for selfish gains. Jumping from one party to another and deceiving the electorates with campaign promises they never deliver. They lately formed a coalition with reports indicating that money was the tool for the bargain. This petition is aimed at forcing INEC and the Legislative arm of government to put control measures in place,by way of deregistering noncomplying political parties.

Political parties that are not true to their campaign promises or manifestos should be deregistered. When this is done, a measure of seriousness to protect the political party from losing it's certificate will ensue. Also, political parties that uses political-thuggery or vote-buying as tool to destabilize electoral process should also be deregistered.

We hereby call on the Legislative and Judiciary arms of the Nigerian Government to sponsor a bill to this effect and save our democracy.


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