Stop The Chinese From Killing Nigerian Businesses

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Lots of Chinese Businesses have found home in Nigeria without causing harms to anyone.

But the particular case of Ms. Diana Chen claiming Monopoly in a Nigerian market is highly develish and should be stopped.

No Nigerian can lay claim to any monopoly in China, so why should she in Nigeria?

There are also reports of maltreatment of Nigerian Staff under her employ, with lots of them working without Letters of Employment, and no benefits.

This Petition is to gather signature from Nigerians to protest the Chinese from killing Nigerian Businesses and to treat Nigerians as worthy hosts and professionally.

Nigerians are Not Slaves, and the Chinese are NOT Slave Masters.

We hereby call on the National Assembly to Investigate Ms. Diana Chen of GIC Motors in her business dealings and edging out of Nigerians from dealing with Chinese Manufacturers.

We also call on the Ministry of Labour to investigate her treatment of Nigerian Staff.

We also call on the Nigerian Immigration to investigate the illegal "importing" of Chinese Staff by Ms. Diana Chen, and its resultant negative effect on Nigerian Businesses

This petition is by Coalition of Consumer Right Civil Societies of Nigeria, led by PowerUp Nigeria.